How will I know that I’m in love? I’ll know, because my heart will break every single time I see you. Not because of sadness, pain, or regret, but because I am so out of my mind with happiness, that my heart needs to remind me that I won’t have you forever. A sharp bittersweet reminder that one day you’ll be gone. It will tell me to remember the unbelievable perfection that this kind of happiness creates. With every break the mere presence of your being makes, my heart will get closer and closer to shattering into a million pieces. But do not fret, for my heart must break. It needs to break so that those pieces can fall into something new. An intricate, never-ending reflection that will tell the story of our life together. You see, I want my heart break. Only then will I be able to carry with me the most astounding piece of art the world will never see.